Student Visa Pathway to Permanent Residence

After watching this recorded webinar and after reading everything here, you should be in a position to make an informed decision. You may decided to do it by yourself, hire and immigration lawyer or consultant or simply settle with an Education Agent.

Why Study in Canada?

Student Visa is currently the fastest and easiest pathway to enter Canada and eventually become a permanent resident. Generally, to apply for permanent resident status in Canada, you must have the following:

  • Canadian Education Credential

  • One Year eligible Canadian Work Experience

  • Permanent and full time employment or job offer

You will have all these as International Student Graduate. Here's how it works:

  • Study for at least one year. Make sure that the school and program you choose is eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit.

  • Ideally, you should study for at least 2 years so that you may get up to 3 years of Post Graduation Work Permit.

  • As an International Student, you are entitled to a lot of benefits. Your Spouse may work full-time and your kids may study for FREE until Grade 12. You may also work part-time while studying and full-time during school breaks.

  • After completing your program, you may then apply for PGWP and gain the needed work experience to apply for Permanent Residence!

  • If your Spouse is eligible, a PR application may already be processed even before you completed your program!

Processing Time.

Admission application process to get the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) usually takes 2-8 weeks. You need the LOA to submit your student visa application, which is currently being processed within 1-3 months. School intake schedule is usually every January, May and September. You must be able to lodge your visa application at least 3 months before the start of your class.

Are you eligible?

The most important eligibility criteria is the financial capacity. There is no age limit for student visa application. However, if you are more than 45 years old at the time you will start studying in Canada, you may have a difficulty getting a Permanent Resident Status. If you completed at least Grade 10 you will have a shot to apply for PR Status via Student Visa Pathway.

Cost of studying in Canada.

In applying for a Student Visa, you need to have a proof of means of financial support that will cover at least 1 year tuition and 1 year living expenses. One year tuition is around CAD 15,000 on the average. For the living expenses, the required amount varies:

  • CAD 10,000 - you (the student)

  • CAD 4,000 - first accompanying family member

  • CAD 3,000 - every additional accompanying family member

Student Direct Stream

The best way to convince the Visa Officer that you have the financial capacity is by applying under the Student Direct Stream (SDS). To do this, you have to pay the 1 year tuition in advance and you will need to open a Guaranteed Investment Account (GIC) for a minimum of CAD 10,000. IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for Student Visa Application. Some schools also do not require IELTS. But to apply under SDS stream, you must take the IELTS examination. Your IELTS score should not be lower than 6 in all areas. It could be General Training or Academic Test.

If you will not apply under SDS, you need to show evidence (sources and history) that you have available cash in bank to support your stay in Canada. Cash in the bank could either be under your name or under the name of your Sponsor/s.

Personal Study Plan.

In deciding what program to take, primary consideration should be its logical career pathway - how will it help you with your over all career plan when you return to your home country? While it is true that they allow International Student Graduates to apply for Permanent Resident status, it is not guaranteed. You need to convince the Visa Officer that you are a genuine student.

Immigration program requirements varies depending on which Province you will be going to. Choose your school carefully.

Authorized and Experienced.

We have an Authorized Immigration Consultant who supervises our works and who may also Represent our clients. Our Admission Officer is a graduate of Canada Course for Education Agents and we are a recognized ICEF Agency. As an immigration consultancy firms, we’ve been sending clients to Canada since 1989.

How can we help you?

More than just an Education Agent, we are a Experienced Immigration Consultancy Firm with over 30 years of experience in Canada Visa Application. We will not just connect you with a school in Canada.

We will analyze your case and recommend school and program based on your preferences. It doesn't need to be our partner school. Here’s how we willl do it:

  • Advise you as to which possible immigration pathways would be applicable for you based on your chosen program, school and province

  • Properly guide you how to document your Student Visa application

  • Submit your Student Visa application thru an Authorized Immigration Representative

  • Monitor and Follow up your application as may be necessary

  • Pre-departure orientation before you leave for Canada to have a smooth arrival and settlement in Canada

  • Ticketing service through our partner travel agency, if you need assistance

  • Monitor your status in Canada as well as the validity of your permit, IELTS, passport, etc.

  • Advise you of your immigration options depending on your actual circumstances

  • Assistance in applying for application and extension of your permits (study or work), as may be necessary

  • Submit your Permanent Resident Visa application thru an Authorized Immigration Representative


Here are some of our clients who studied in Canada. Do your due diligence. Contact them for feedback. You can see more by visiting our Feedback Page.

Assistance until the end.

“I'm on student permit while my husband is on Open Work Permit. Both of us did our very best para maging permanent resident. Yun ang goal namin. Ang husband ko nag apply ng permanent residency while I am studying since may 2 years na syang full time work experience. Mula sa pag renew ng mga permits namin, sa mga never ending questions kahit nandito kami sa Canada, active na active si Sir Apol. Talagang ina-accomodate nya lahat ng tanong namin. Nag sa-suggest sya ng mga pathway para maging permanent resident kami dito. And finally, after almost 3 years, we our very proud and happy to say na PR na kami. This is all with the help of Sir Apol Apuntar and his team! D nya talaga kami pinabayaan mula sa umpisa ng aming journey dito sa Canada.’

Meticulous and detailed.

"Thank you for the meticulous and detailed instructions. The dedication to quality. And your continuous support and guidance. As we begin a new chapter of our lives, we hope that many more will be successful in their applications."


"My experience here 100/100 they gave the best service, they do everything for u from scratch and they gave the best advice that can possibly happen for u in the future.

I love how everyone was approachable if u need something to clarify to, they also respond through email really quickly and i loved it. everyone was friendly & they gave u the best service that u can have. i highly recommend this to someone who wants to start something new and live in abroad if u want to start there and don’t know anything how to apply etc.. they will help u and guide through it all and now as an international student they helped me to get to my dream school and i am thankful for that."

Consultancy Fee

Our Consultancy Fee varies depending on the package you will choose. You have the option to avail assistance for Student Visa Application Assistance only or you may also include assistance until permanent resident application. The rate also differs if you are applying alone or with accompanying dependents.

If you are serious about applying, you may sign up now and we will be sending you a detailed quotation via email.

Attend Webinar.

Every Saturday from 10AM to 12PM, we are conducting an info session and we invite school representatives as guest speaker. Other applicants find it useful and informative. You may want to attend one of our webinar schedules.

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